Frequently asked questions

How much tea is in a box?

Every box of Shanchai Oriental Beauty contains 45g of tea leaves. This is equivalent to 15 tea bags each containing 3g of tea leaves. You can infuse the tea leaves several times which means you can enjoy more tea for longer. We limit our boxes to 45g for 2 reasons: 1) we can offer you the tea at a more affordable price 2) once any tea is opened it starts to lose it's freshness and it is easier to consume a smaller pack before quality really starts to deteriorate than a large pack where by the time you finish it your tea leaves will do little more than colour your water. Quality over Quantity.

What is Oolong?

Oolong is a type of tea. You may be familiar with Green and Black tea - Oolong is a fine balance between the two. The word Oolong means 'Black Dragon'

Where is this tea from?

Our tea leaves are harvested in Taiwan - the home of Oolong. It is packaged here in the UK.

Why are you called Shanchai?

We wanted to stick to the origins of this fine tea. The main spoken language in Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese and we picked the two words that best describe our teas - 'Shan' and 'Chai' where Shan mean Mountain and Chai is Tea (Chi is the correct translation for Tea but we thought Chai sounds better)

Can Oriental Beauty Oolong tea help me lose weight?

Drinking Oolong tea helps to increase your metabolism which means your body will be able to burn fats faster. Burning fat equals to losing weight.

Can I drink this tea with sugar?

Yes, but we find Oriental Beauty naturally sweet. If you are looking to cut down on your sugar intake, Oriental Beauty is a great starting point

Can I drink Oriental Beauty with milk?

Are pineapples ok on pizza? An age old question that is still fiercely debated. We recommend drinking Oriental Beauty pure

Is there any plastic in the packaging?

None. Zip. Nada. Our mission from the very beginning was to offer you unbelievable tea in plastic free packaging or not have a business at all. The tube box is made from durable recycled Kraft paper thats eco friendly and easily recyclable. The inner pouch holding the lose tea is a bio-degradable material called NatureFlex.

Do you offer any other tea?

Curently no, but we want to offer more Oolong tea in the future. There are many many flavours we would like to offer to you. The only thing holding us back is finding the right packaging. Oriental Beauty is one of the easier tea to package because it is a dark roast tea therefore it's shelflife is longer than light roasted Oolong teas. Lighter Oolongs that are amber in colour need to be sealed in plastic vacuum bags to preserve their freshness otherwise you will need to drink it very quickly before it goes off.

I have alergies, is it safe to drink this tea?

Oolong is made from the same plant as any other tea you have drunk and if you can drink other teas you will be fine with this one. However, if you have concerns we recommed you consult your doctor before trying Oriental Beauty. This tea contains caffeine.

What is the shelflife of Oriental Beauty

If you keep it away from sunlight in a dry environment, Oriental Beauty will comfortably last 1 year. However, we are confident you won't let your tea sit on the shelf that long

Is this tea Vegan friendly?

100% suitable for Vegans

Why does this tea cost so much?

This is no ordinary tea. Oriental Beauty is one of the highest grades of tea around - Its name was given by none other then Queen Elizabeth II as it was commonly consumed by Royalty and other Nobility. Even today, there are very premium versions of Oriental Beauty that are sold for 100's of pounds Due to the way this tea is made, this tea is never produced in high quantities. Without insects this tea cannot exist therefore pesticides are never used. The amound of tea that can be made greatly depends on how many leaves the incects leave behind. The withering, the roasting and then twisting of the leaves is a laborious process, a lot of care and expertise goes into producing Oriental Beauty Oolong. This tea is handmade through and through, it is simply impossible to mass produce. This tea is simply special.

I don't live in the UK, can I still buy this tea?

Unfortunately Shanchai is currently only available in the UK. We hope to be able to offer it in more countries soon

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