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We love a good brew. We love it so much we can't go a day without one. But - as the saying goes - too much of the same thing... and you'll get bored. Inevitably, this happened to us when we opened our cupboard one day and didn't fancy anything on offer. We craved a new flavour, a new tea experience, a tea that will make us say 'Wow, where have you been all my life?'

So we decided to find that tea.

What we discovered is a type of Oolong tea unlike any we have tried before. A crystal clear coppery red liquid, full bodied and velvety. Tasting this tea is like tasting fine wine, you are treated to an intense aroma of an exotic forest and on first sip you discover the sweetness of honey, apple, nutmeg, grape and wild wood.

Time really does stand still when enjoying this tea.

It comes from Taiwan and to the locals it is known as 'Bai Hao' but we prefer it's other name:

Oriental Beauty

Possibly the best tea

I have ever tried

Oolong is an aromatic and incredibly satisfying experience with a ton of health benefits. The word 'Oolong' (also known as Wulong) translates to Black Dragon.

Believe it or not all tea's you have ever drunk come from the same plant. Yes, all the green and black and everything in between - all from the same magical plant called 'Camellia'. It is how the tea leaves are processed that defines what type of tea will be in your cup. All tea leaves go through an 'Oxidation' process which means how long freshly picked leaves are left to wither away in the open before being roasted to seal in the essences.

We love Oolong because it is not quite green not quite black but gives you the best of both worlds. A tea is considered Oolong when the leaves are oxidised anywhere between 20-80%, giving you that freshness of green tea and full bodied flavour of black tea. It is by far the most time consuming and complicated way of tea making but is absolutely worth the effort.

Our Oriental Beauty Oolong is between 65-70% oxidised. Read on to discover what makes it so special...

What is Oolong tea?


Amazing. Tea time is 

officially exciting again 


Yes, us too. Two sugars and a dash of milk. For years we've been accepting this as the standard for brewing tea at home. Then we had a sudden realisation... why do we add other ingredients into our tea to make it more drinkable? Is it to mask the bitterness and enhance flavour?

What we're about to tell you is going to blow you mind. You may want to sit down for this.

There's tea out there you can enjoy without additives!


That's right. Tea that is naturally sweet and beautifully smooth you will want to enjoy it like a 12 years aged single malt on the rocks. Our Oriental Beauty Oolong is that special.

We are not against 'fast food' tea, we love the occasional tea from a tea bag because average tea is for everyday. Shanchai is a pampering session for your taste buds.

You will be surprised

how much tea you

can make from

one spoon full

So What Makes Oriental Beauty Special?


Taiwan is the #1 producer of Oolong tea in the world. It is a small nation covered in mountains and surrounded by the sea. It hosts the perfect climate and moisture content for growing high mountain tea. Our tea is grown at an altitude of 300m above sea level.

Each tea leaf you add to your cup has been meticulously hand picked by our experienced farmers for whom tea growing is a way of life and the skills are passed down generations. Tea leaves are harvested only once per year - the summer - and only the ripest buds with the freshest leaves meet a very strict criteria. The leaves are then treated to create a type of Oolong tea known as Oriental Beauty

The SECRET to Oriental Beauty's taste?


Natural Phenomenon.

A special leafhopper insect that feeds on the tea leaves to be more precise. The insect's bite triggers the plant's defence mechanism by releasing a sweet hormone. The aroma produced by the hormone is fully exposed during the oxidation of the leaves. This little fella single-handedly  invented Oriental Beauty. For this reason our Oriental Beauty farms are never sprayed with pesticides which means what goes in your cup is 100% Organic Oolong tea.

If the idea of an insect making your tea is putting you off, just remember that it's flying cousin is making your honey.

This specific creation process is a blessing and a curse. It is extremely difficult to control how much of the tea will be destroyed by the insect therefore every harvest varies in quantity. Naturally every year the harvest will be a very limited supply and we are fortunate to be able to offer it to you. 

Tea has been drunk for millenniums and before tea bags, before industrial revolution and before all the cost cutting by today's mass produced tea's - tea was drunk whole. It was as simple as dropping a few fresh leaves into hot water. We see no reason to grind our tea to dust and call it quality tea - it just isn't.

Our Oriental Beauty tea will always be wholesome tea leaves, rich in aromas and flavour and you know exactly what goes into your cup. So full of flavour they are you can brew the leaves several times - in fact - we encourage it as tea tends to get tastier after the first brew! (a bit like doing stretches before your gym session)

We want to be totally transparent with you. What you will find in our teas is just that - pure organic tea leaves.

No Scent enhancers.

No flavour boosters.

No preservatives.

Definitely no insects.


We are not cutting any corners. Every aspect of our tea is taken into consideration, from packaging right down to brewing technique.

We will only sell tea we love drinking ourselves.

My guests were

pleasantly surprised

What can Oriental Beauty do for me?

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We chose craft paper packaging because it is highly recyclable and our packaging features only one Eco friendly black colour. What's more, the inner film that holds the tea leaves has two important functions; it preserves the freshness of our tea and is 100% bio-degradable, you can read more about this magical material here. We are proud to say our tea is harmless to our planet.



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